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Articles and Links

A "work in progress"...

This page isn't nearly complete but there are already some great articles and links to check out. We intend to just add stuff as we find it. Definitely a "work in progress".

RiskMail - The only Risk Management link you'll ever need - best of all its FREE! Jim Garven has put together what must be the most comprehensive repository of Risk Management resources on the Web. From ARCHIVES to LINKS, RiskMail covers it - a real goldmine.

You can sign-up ON-LINE for the RiskMail mailing list. This is an electronic forum populated by over 2,000 folks with an abiding interest in Risk Management. This is NOT a chat group but, rather, a discussion list which is distributed to every member's E-Mailbox - everyday. You can lurk or you can jump in with a comment or question anytime you like. I suggest signing on for the DIGEST option so that you receive one large message rather than endure the clutter that can be created by 50 or 60 individual messages daily.

ABSOLUTELY FREE - and worth much more!

101 Rules of Risk Management
This old chestnut was compiled some years ago by the late Tom Hallett when he was with the late Frank B. Hall and Co. The product of a group 'brainstorm' with a number of pioneer Risk Managers, this still has real value today. While hardly 'leading-edge' (or particularly comprehensive), this is a document I often share with clients. It gives some appreciation of the scope of a practicing Risk Manager's concern. While your boss "doesn't need to know how they build a clock" when he/she asks for the time - top management can appreciate a job done SEAMLESSLY and well!

While I'd appreciate your comments on THE RULES, please post them on the RiskMail bulletin board so others might benefit from your insight.

12 Common Mistakes Risk Managers Make
A blinding flash of the obvious? Could you be missing the forest for the trees? This is required reading.

We are pleased to be able to post this essential article (again) through the gracious cooperation of the author, Kevin Quinley, and the permission of the publisher of The Risk Report, International Risk Management Institute. They produce practical and provocative material.

The Future of Risk Management
Risk Management in the 90's (and beyond)? A wonderfully provocative article compiled by Tony Burlando several years ago. Some risk managers are ahead of the curve - others are well behind it.

How Risk Managers Can Add Value and Enhance their Career  former RIMS President – Chris Mandel offers excellent career advice.

Reflections on a Long Job Search
By Jerry Belfiglio - An article by a very accomplished and insightful Risk Manager which originally appeared in the National Business Employment Weekly. A report from the trenches.

Rites of Passage at $100,000
This is recommended THREE times for good reason!

How to Work with an Executive Recruiter
A good article and links by the publisher of The Directory of Executive Recruiters.

Fortune Magazine
Some great articles which should inspire you to take control of your career management.

Check out the Archives

CFO and Treasury and Risk Management Magazine.


Jim Gunther

Call for Articles/Hyperlinks

We expect that this page of links and articles will be a dynamic resource for risk managers. We intend (subject to applicable legal clearance) to post articles and opinions and would appreciate your submissions. If you have written, would like to write, or are aware of interesting article on any aspect of management, feel free to submit it.

I'll be happy to scan articles not already in HTML format.

Subjects we'd like to cover:

  • Risk Management for Dummies
  • Opinion - (Where) Does Risk Management fit in?
  • The Risk Manager's Toolkit
  • Presentations that work
  • Annual Report Formats
  • Speaking the language of your organization
  • Good career management books / articles
  • Favorite online resources

Please contribute your favorites!

An Invitation to Keep in Touch!

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